Saturday, May 2, 2015

K'Far Yeladim - Bat Mitzvah project

Hi All,

My Gofundme link is working now ! I have raised enough for 1 /12 mattresses and 1 1/2 sets of linens. Feel free to donate. No amount is too small and it's tax deductible for a good cause.



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hi and Welcome !

This blog will serve as information regarding Tabetha's Bat Mitzvah.
Venues, directions and general information are in the process of being posted on the blog pages.
Tabetha is very excited about her Bat Mitzvah and is studying a lot.
We have been updating this blog and will continue to do so. Please visit often for new information, such as Tabs Bat Mitzvah project (click the K'far Yeladim tab).